WCF Course Content

WCF Training Course Contet

WCF Essentials

ü What is Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

ü What is Address, Binding & Contract

ü WCF Services & Clients

ü WCF Service Libraries

ü WCF Test Host and Test Client

ü Self-Hosting

ü WCF Clients

ü Channel Factories

ü Creating Proxies

ü Configuration Files

ü Metadata

ü Standard Endpoints

ü WCF Architecture

Addresses and Bindings

ü Addresses

ü Bindings

ü Message Exchange Patterns

ü Configuring Bindings

ü Interoperating with ASMX Web Services

ü Default Endpoints and Bindings

ü Service Descriptions

ü Multiple Endpoints

Service Contracts

ü Defining Service Contracts

ü Defining Operation Contracts

ü Services with Multiple Contracts

ü Contract Inheritance

ü Operation Overloading


Instance Management

ü Using Per-Call Services

ü Using Per-Session Services

ü Using Singleton Services

ü Configuring Behaviors

Data Contracts

ü Implementing Data Contracts

ü Mapping Data Contracts to XSD Schema

ü Serialization

ü Arrays and Generic Collections

ü Enums

ü Versioning Data Contracts

More about Service Contracts

ü Versioning Service Contracts

ü Implementing Message Exchange Patterns

ü Oneway Contracts

ü Duplex Contracts

ü Asynchronous Proxies

Handling Errors

ü Faults and Exceptions

ü Generating and Handling Faults

ü Fault Contracts

ü Faults and Sessions

WCF Security

ü Security Aspects of Services

ü Transport Security

ü Message Security

ü Certificates

ü Credentials