I need online .Net training from scratch.

  1. I want to learn .Net course from scratch, Will you be able to provide?
  2. Yes, We will provide you online .Net training from scratch. We are offering following features to you.

    • Online Recording Videos.
    • One Mini .Net Project
    • Working samples
    • Daily Assessment / Homework
    • Support for .Net certification
    • Support for resume preparation

  3. What is the prerequisite to learn .Net from online ?
  4. You don’t need any prerequisite to learn .Net, However if you have any programming knowledge or you are from computer then it is added advantage for you.

  5. I am from Non-IT background. Will you be able to train me?
  6. Yes, We will train you even you are Non-It background.

  7. What is the mode of training?
  8. We will provide online training based on student choice, Student can choose any one of the mode like Skype/WebEx/Goto meeting/Google Hangout etc.