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  1. Hi,
    I am living in the U.A.E and would like a course that covers
    •Visual Studio 2013
    •Web Applications
    •Code First

    I have beginner level understanding of C# & can build a basic web app with CRUD functionality using Code First.
    I would like to build an application that has the following key requirements: –
    •Web App
    •SQL Server Database
    •Role Based Authentication (EF6)
    •Allow user to load xml files to populate POCO Classes and persist the data in the database

    Can you suggest appropriate course(s), cost, and course schedule and timings or live support for a custom project?

  2. I am from New Delhi, India…i have studied OOPs concepts, C++ and CORE JAVA in college… I wanna excel in Basic C# (required) >>ASP.NET(full)
    >>Web App
    >>SQL Server Database
    >>Role Based Authentication (EF6)
    >>Allow user to load xml files to populate POCO Classes and persist the data in the database

  3. I am looking for .net course which is quite extensive and help me clear the .net interview and work with zeal in new company.

    I was previously working on .net say last 2 years back, but have lost hands on from the technology.

    Please suggest me good course to clear the interview, also I would need placement assistance

  4. Hi Vanita..Thanks for showing interest on One of the top online dot net classes provider.

    We will provide online .net training support as per your requirement.

  5. Hi
    I am from sydney, Australia
    I need online training from you guys over the the internet
    Please let me know if you are providing and specially mention your FEE.


    • Hi Sir,
      I need online training from your over the the internet
      Please let me know if you are providing and specially mention your fee details.
      Also I want to Enroll in .net completed Course kindly send me completed procedure for that.

      Paras Mal Mali

  6. Hello, I am interested in learning .Net using C# including MVC. Can you let me know what versions you cover and fee as well. I am looking to do the course online, so do let me know your timings.
    Would you also be providing the course materials?

  7. I want to know the cost for joining mvc and wcf course.
    I was working on 2 years back and I have lost hands technology.
    Please suggest me good course t clear interview.

    • Thanks for showing interest on One of the top online .Net training portal in India, UK & USA. I will let you all the details by mail.

  8. from srilanka,
    i want full detail about .net course and training.
    i want to face one interview so i need to pick up in short period of time.
    please send me details

  9. I am looking for a good .net professional course that can help get a good job in I.T industry.
    please if you can e-mail me your course details, course duration and fees.


  10. I am Web developer and possess 1+ years of experience with providing support and development in webforms. I have currently switched to MVC and have gone through the basics of MVC architecture to get a basic understanding of MVC. Yet my concepts are not very clear and finding it hard to get started with MVC on my own and that too I am on probation period with my current employer.

    Hence I am seeking a tutor as soon as possible,
    1.who could provide me training on basic+Advance level on one-to-one basis or even in a batch, not a problem.
    2.Who could provide me one-to-one support in terms of seeking answers to my mvc related doubts/queries on daily basis on dedicated time.
    3. A tutor who is not rigid about the sequence of topics in the syllabus, who is polite and friendly and could make himself available when needed.
    4.I need a tutor , who can basically empower me with MVC5 skills (concept of whole architecture ) to an extent that I consider myself a proper MVC developer after the course.
    5. Also, I expect the tutor to provide an extended support to answer my mvc related questions even after the course ends, if needed.
    6. Due to my current project’s need at my workplace, I may not be able to follow the order of the topics in syllabus of mvc and schedule of the MVC program framed by you.
    I may pick a random topic , say , Ajax and Jquery in MVC and ask questions on this topic , even if this topic is yet to be covered by the tutor.
    Please, let me know if my custom needs is acceptable to you/tutor .

  11. Hi,

    I would like to attend your .Net demo class so could please mail me the details about the demo class and also the course fee.

    With Regards,

  12. Hi ,

    I talked with you over the weekend. I am looking for online dot net training. Please send us the course details and temporary access to classes with timings.

    Please let us know if you need any more information.


  13. hi im tharun likki i want learn the course like complete ,
    could you tell me the duration of the course and what is the fee for the course and one more question do you teach like video conference or if i register and do the payment can i watch the videos what ever the time i want

  14. Hi,
    I’ve have programming experience and interested to learn .Net (C# with ASP.NET). So I would like to know the version, fee, material, duration and your class time for this training. Please let know.
    Thank you.

  15. Hello Sir,
    My name is Sayantan Chakraborty and I am from India. I would like to know what are the Course fees for the course WCF and ASP.NET MVC individually.It is very urgent for me so please kindly response to my email as early as possible.I am waiting for your response.

    Thanks & Regards

  16. Hello
    My Name is Mahesh from Minneapolis, US and I am interested in your online classes for C#, ASP.Net and ASP.Net MVC.

    I have a few questions below and would appreciate if you could clarify me –
    1. What version of C#, ASP.Net and MVC are covered?
    2. What Pre-requisite softwares are required at my end like Visual Studio version so I could practice along etc.
    3. What Pre-requisite knowledge is required prior to attending the above course?
    4. Is the syllabus in your website current or if you have the updated syllabus could you please send?
    5. How long does each of these courses go and how they are scheduled – an hour daily or only weekends?
    Also how are the timings? Since you are approx 11 hrs and 30 mins ahead.
    6. Are these classes usually have a few people like a batch or are you providing 1-1 as well?
    7. Cost for each of these classes?
    8. Who will be the trainer and what is the best time to talk to them?
    9. Is there a demo session?
    If you would like me to give you a call, please let me know as well.


  17. Hi,

    I am Sena, a Reports developer (SQL Server, Crystal Reports) from Canada. I want to learn .Net technologies for my work. I have the basic understanding of c# and Visual Studio.

    Can you help me. What is your recommendation ?



  18. Hi,
    I would like to know if you provide any course which includes following topics:
    Useful Libraries, TFS(Useful libraries, APIs. Unit testing,Demo commercial production Code)
    ASP.NET MVC & Form(ASP.NET MVC vs .Net Web forms, IIS Web Server)
    Web Application(MVC in depth. HTML, Bootstrap, jQuery, Saas Model. Cookies, Sessions and Commercial Project Demo)
    SQL & Objects(Database objects, modelling best practise, indexing, structure, Commercial Database Demo)
    SSRS & SQL Services (SSRS Reporting Services, Integration Services, Analysis Services, AgentJobs sql services, Monitors and Logs).
    Data & WCF Services(Entity Framework, Linq to Entities, Performance consideration, WCF Web Service, XML, SOAP).
    System Integration(API Design and Security Consideration, Best practise in integration scenario. Commercial Integration Demo).
    And what is the fee for the course.
    Plz reply soon.

  19. Dear Sir/Madam,

    When will your next dot net training starts? And how much is the online training cost please?

  20. I want to have training and certification on .NET. I am pursuing Master’s in Computer Engineering. I have knowledge on C,C++,Data Structures. Please let me know the information by mailing. Please provide the cost for training also.
    Narayana Rao

  21. Reg. dotnet training
    can you please provide me whats the cost of training and how long the course continue?
    Thank You

  22. Training Classes:
    Dear Sir/Mam, Can you please share me details of content cover in MVC course and what will be charges for that if we go for online classes or if we go for on site classes

  23. For,,Web services,WCF online training.:
    Hi, i want online training in these courses,,web services,WCF.
    Can you provide me time schedule and fee structure of this courses.

  24. MVC and WCF online coaching : HI, I am in USA and would like to take online MVC and WCF coaching. How much do you charge and how long will it take?

  25. Regarding .net classes : Hi, I would like to learn .net complete programming that should cover all the aspects and as well as placement.If u send me your complete details that i can go through with that.

  26. Enquiry on .Net coaching : Hello there, I’d like to take online coaching for VB.Net and ASP.Net. Can you please let me know the available timings (weekday/weekends) and course duration/fee. Thanks in advance

  27. Need Info : Hello, I am looking for .Net Training (new to software development side), currently I am working as desktop support engineer . Can you let me know what do I need to learn ?

  28. .NET Complete course : Please help to me to get information about .Net complete course and pricing for this training. i would like to take online classes. would ypu please arrange a call to me for better understandings.i have many queries regarding this.

  29. Interested in .net courses : Interested in .net courses and I am completely focusing on Microsoft technologies like Asp.Net, C#.Net, ASP.NET MVC, WCF, WPF​​ etc…​​So i would like to know more about fee structure, mode of payment, duration etc…​

  30. Requesting details for Couse:

    I am new to Asp .net with C#.Please mail me the details of Course For with C# and Fees strucure.Thanks

  31. Dot net training: Hi Sir, I am very much interested in online training and i want to learn Dot net technology.I want to know the details of the course.please suggest.

  32. ASP.NET MVC 5 Training: Hi, We (myself and a friend) are interested your training course. we want to learn full stack development with ASP.NET MVC 5 and WebAPI and with entity framework code first and JQuery, Ajax We would like to have this training on weekend ..We are based in the UK, please let us know how soon we can start and the cost.

  33. Hi, This is Mounika. I am a student from USA and looking for online classes. So I just want to know if you take classes online. If so what is the fees you charge?

  34. C# course: Greeting,I’m looking for C# course, I want to start immediately,I need to know who much the price, how many days, when to start and is there any demo video to the instructor.

  35. Dot net training : Hi, I am interested to get trained in dot net.please let me know the training details.The sooner you send me the details the sooner he will enroll in training.

  36. Dear Sir,I would like to have complete dot net training online. I am based in Saudia. Kindly share the Course contents, Fees as well as Duration and Timing.

  37. Sub: Dot Net Training
    Hi Team,

    I am currently in US and would like to take online courses for MVC, WCF and WebApi in depth

    I am into .Net Technology for two years. I developed MVC Razor Views, and consumed the services.

    Now I would like to learn about how security works in MVC, Web API and WCF and be able to answer interview questions of all these 3 technologies.
    Questions like how to do Load Balancing and all.

    Also would like to learn differences between different SQL versions like sql server 2008, 2012,2016 . Query Hints, Execution Plan, Sql server service Broker and all in interview point of view.

    Also I practiced EF got good knowledge but would like to be able to answer interview questions.

  38. Hi,
    I want complete information about .net course, batches, fees all. I live in USA. Is this course is certification course? After completing course you really do the placement? Please reply.
    Thank you.

  39. Sub: Dot Net Coaching
    Hi Sir

    This is Sravan, I would Like to Study Dot Net in online
    May I have More details and Fee details
    Please let me know asap

  40. Sub: Learn DOTNET

    I am a C.A. and working as an ERP consultant.

    I have good knowledge of SQL. I need something for front end which can communicate with SQL and I found best option is ASP.NET for my requirement.

    I dont have development/programming background. I would like to discuss about my requirement and then you can suggest me course and fee for it. Could you please let me know best time to discuss ?

  41. 1.What is the fees of .net course?
    2.Which certification will be provided by you?
    3.What was the content you will be given to students for .net course?
    4.Are there any task based environment or only teaching?
    5.Is there any live project done by me on my own?

  42. Hi
    Do you provide .net interview training?
    Is that online training?
    What is the duration of training?
    Can you provide me the training details ?

  43. I am interested in taking a private online class for .NET programming – please let me know if you would be able to provide this

    – .net training with hands-on skills
    – english language
    – 3 hours on Sat/Sun



  44. Hi
    I want to learn complete dotnet course,I want to know the fees and duration and timings.can you please send information
    Thank you

  45. Hi
    I am planning to do a self project on (VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, Looking to have a direction. Please email if possible with rates and I can get back to you. – Best Regi.

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